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Aim of the event

The focus of this year’s summer sharing practice event is Assessment and Feedback, which has been the subject of a university review this academic year. The Assessment and Feedback Working Group will propose a set of strategic guidelines and principles to guide future practice at Lancaster University and these have informed the themes of this event.

The aim of this event is to introduce colleagues to these guidelines and share practice relating to the principles highlighted in the themes below.

Keynote Speaker: Berry O'Donovan, ASKe Pedagogy Research Centre, Oxford Brookes University



• Alignment of assessment and feedback at the programme level;

• Design of assessment and feedback that supports students’ holistic development;

• Timeliness and/or structure of assessment and feedback;

• Assessment and feedback that facilitates learning and improves standards;

• Foregrounding assessment and feedback as part of students ongoing learning journey and development as self-regulating learners.


Potential participants are students, lecturers, tutors, researchers, administrative and support staff.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
9:40am - 4:00pm
HR Training Rooms 1 and 2
Sharing Practice Event
Sharing Practice
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