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Ever wanted some dedicated time to write code?  Then come and join us for a research software writing retreat at Lancaster Castle.

What is the focus of this retreat?

Research software is often written as a by-product of research, and not given the emphasis or time it needs to be an impactful output in its own right.  Indeed, creating such outputs may be difficult for researchers, many of whom are self-taught programmers and do not have the skills or support needed to create high-quality sustainable research software.
This workshop aims to solve both of these problems by providing researchers with a distraction-free space with dedicated time to focus on software and programming skills, with an on-hand RSE (Research Software Engineer) to provide support and help throughout the session.

This retreat is being organised by the Research Software Engineering Group, with thanks to generous funding from the Data Science Institute (DSI) we are able to offer a 2-day Research Software Writing Retreat.   This will be based at the Lancaster Suite in the Castle, refreshments and Lunch will be provided on the 2 days.  5/07/23 and 6/07/23 - both days will start with refreshments, 9.30 - 10.00, and will wrap up at 16:30.


What is the format?

The retreat will start with an Introduction to the event, a talk on best practices for software development, and advice on how best to achieve your aims throughout the retreat.   We will then break out into small groups to quickly set out personal aims for the retreat to aid with focus.   The rest of the time will be free for writing software with a few breaks to allow people to describe any roadblocks they have come across and hopefully, the options for others to provide advice on how to overcome these.   There will be a few RSEs and researchers with extensive RSE experience to provide advice where possible throughout the retreat.

The hope is that this will provide researchers with a unique opportunity to focus on the software they need to develop, fix, or expand with support on hand whilst free from other distractions.


Who is this retreat for?

We welcome all postgrads, RAs, and staff who are developing software as part of their research, and who need some time away from the office in a software-focused environment.  Applications are welcome from individuals and groups (although if coming as a group, please sign up individually and note the name of the group).   We ask that you give a short description of the research area, and what you hope to achieve on the retreat (please keep it short, 2 paragraphs should be enough).  If there is a large signup, we may need to prioritise attendance, in which case we will let you know by mid-June.


Queries and contact

If you have any queries or are not sure if this is suited to you or your research, then please don't hesitate to get in contact with Robin (rse@lancaster.ac.uk)





Wednesday, July 5, 2023
09:00 - 17:00
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