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Domain BThere are many different reasons people procrastinate in their PhD, there are many different things people do when they procrastinate, and there are different ways you can learn to manage procrastination, if you want to.  Search the web and you’ll find heaps of top ten tips. Some will work, some won’t and some you’ll put off trying.  In this workshop we look more closely at the role procrastination takes in your PhD life – the different forms it takes, the impact it has, what you gain from procrastination and strategies you might use to either stop procrastinating or use procrastination more effectively!

Key areas covered will be:

  • being clear on the impact of procrastination and what you gain from it
  • managing the relationship between urgent and important
  • identifying strategies you can use to address procrastination


“Good in identifying my pattern and what I’m afraid of.”

“ That I’m sometimes too hard on myself and that I should trust myself more: things that seem useless can actually be quite important.”

“ It’s all about training yourself to get things done little by little, and procrastination is just a way to get away from doing important things.”

“ I feel as if the facilitator gives us 1 – 1 coaching time as part of the session and I find this hugely beneficial.”

“To look at problems from other perspectives.  To use reverse psychology to think of the most creative solutions.”

“Enjoyed it – well thought out and planned – went to the deeper causes of procrastination.”

“The session has been invaluable. It has forced me to ask myself some very searching questions."

Friday, March 23, 2018
9:30am - 12:30pm
FST Training and Development Centre (A076, Science and Technology Building)
Will Medd
Taught Session - For Students only
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