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Thursday, January 24, 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm
HR Building Training Room 3
Annette Robinson/Jean Bennett
Workshop - For Staff only
Professional Services

Who is it for?

The Lancaster Professional Programme is open to all members of administrative, technical and manual staff of the University, but is particularly relevant to those within grades 1-6.


The programme aims to enhance the fundamental skills of professional life at Lancaster and provide opportunities to interact with colleagues from across the professional services community. The Professional Programme consists of a series of half-day workshops that can be attended on a stand-alone basis or as a whole programme (see below for details). These can also be combined with other forms of professional development.

Development Awards

The programme offers the opportunity for you to work towards a Bronze, Silver and Gold non-accredited development award. The awards offer the opportunity for you to signal your commitment to your professional development and to receive institutional recognition for your work.

'Development Events' can take any form of development, such as:

• Participation in the development events within the Lancaster Professional Programme or other OED development events

• Participation in internal or external events that enable professional networking opportunities e.g. conferences, external courses, professional qualifications etc.

• Volunteering or job shadowing

• Mentoring

• Other professional development agreed as part of PDR

When you have successfully completed all three award levels you will be offered a one to one coaching session to establish your development from this point.

 To be eligible for the above awards, you will need to:

i) Complete the reflective journal to record the events undertaken and the learning you gained from each of them. Use a separate journal for each development event/activity. You might like to share this with your mentor/critical friend.

Please refer to Planning your Personal and Professional development for help with writing your refelctive statements.

ii) Write a short statement (no more than one side A4) that describes the overall benefit/impact that the events listed in your log have had on your role. This statement should then be signed and endorsed by your line manager, before sending it to OED at any point in the year.

Registration is now closed. See the events page for details of future sessions.